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Streamlining for the Digital Age

One reason why the recording industry appears to be acting in such desperation suing its customers is perhaps because the middleman between artist and fan may simply not add value anymore. In the analog era, the capital and resources needed to distribute music necessitated the existence of the middleman. Nowadays, distribution directly over the Internet is virtually costless, so the Digital Age brings more choice--not only to artists but also to fans. Artists, through their agents, have the option of taking full responsibility for many, if not, all aspects of the production, promotion, and financing components of their work. Meanwhile, fans increasingly prefer the convenience of accessing music when they want it, where they want it over the Internet. Direct commerce between artist and fans eliminates a key excuse and justification for piracy, namely that the record company is to blame because they get most of the money. The Internet provides the artist and fan with a healthy and competitive alternative to record companies and an opportunity to split the savings should they so choose.