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Proportional Representation, American Style
This website explores fixing a polarized Congress viewed through the prism of how society values innovation and its expression of ideas. Proportional Representation, American style, can be an important part of the solution.  Americans vigorously defend their Liberty, and they appreciate the virtues of competition--both at the ballot box and in the free market.  Everyone has a responsibility to help ensure an educated electorate as a foundation for a vibrant democracy and economy. Creators of content (audio, video, text, images, education) have a special opportunity to lead in creating new Digital Age business models to connect directly with users and to apply their influence to help form the base of support for Proportional Representation among their users. When voting and laws ascend to higher levels of fairness (and nuance) in a culture of respect for ideas, creators of content can successfully assert their full rights in any reasonable way they choose.  Fair laws enable both "owned" and "free" expression to coexist.  As a result a person is more free to express both big and small ideas on his or her own terms.  In a healthy, networked, idea-driven society, the roles of creators, owners, and users of expression start to converge and intertwine.  Users of expression also become creators of expression, and vice versa. The more that networked creative content can flow throughout society on reasonable terms, the more Liberty and Union are reinforced through one-on-one bonds of expression and understanding—one peer at a time.